Labour and Delivery Services



• A beautiful, private delivery suite located at the Little Current site of Manitoulin Health Centre provides a wonderful environment to have your baby


• At the beginning of labour, women present themselves to the hospital in Little Current where they are assessed and if the time is right, they are admitted to the birthing suite


• The hospital provides one-to-one nursing support for labouring women (i.e. a nurse dedicated just to them) 


• We monitor the baby by listening to his/her heartbeat with the handheld Doppler, similar to the one used in prenatal appointments, instead of being connected to a continuous monitor


• Women can bring in multiple support people, including partners, parents, etc. that they would like to have involved in their labour and delivery



Pain Relief During Labour and Delivery:

• We provide the option of a natural, anesthetic-free birth if desired

• A jacuzzi tub and shower provide a relaxing place to labour

• While epidurals are not available, other forms of pain management are provided. Pain relief options can be further discussed during prenatal appointments