Pregnancy Education

Online Resource Links


  • Information and resources on healthy pregnancy, childbirth,  and much more.  

Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy

  • A complete guide to a health pregnancy from the Government of Canada.  Information on folic acid, healthy eating, exercise, depression, and more.


  • Great information on morning sickness, alcohol and drugs in pregnancy, breastfeeding, medical conditions in pregnancy, and more provided by SickKids hospital.


Breastfeeding Resources - Dr. Jack Newman

  • Dr. Newman’s website offers multiple video clips to demonstrate good breastfeeding techniques.   There are also multiple patient handouts answering common questions about breastfeeding your newborn
  • Information Sheets
  • Videos


Caring For Kids

  • A complete reference for caring for your child from pregnancy through childhood and into their teen years from the Canadian Paediatrics Society. 


Prenatal Classes

  • Prenatal classes are offered through the Sudbury & District Health unit.   Classes are offered periodically at the Manitoulin Health Centre in Little Current.  If you're unable to attend in person they also offer a free online prenatal program.  




 1.  At Manitoulin Maternity Care, who will be involved in my care?


Dr. Quackenbush and Dr. Renwick are the two delivering physicians involved in your prenatal care and delivery.  During the prenatal clinics, you will first meet with the prenatal nurse for your blood pressure, weight, and to collect a urine sample.  


2.  Should my partner and I attend prenatal classes?


Prenatal classes, especially for first time parents are certainly encouraged.  Classes are offered periodically at the Manitoulin Health Centre in Little Current.  You can get information about registering for prenatal classes online or in person through their website, here.


3.  Who do I contact if I am having difficult in my pregnancy?


Your routine appointments are monthly until you are 28 weeks, then every 2 weeks until you are 36 weeks, and then weekly until delivery.You may be asked to attend clinic more frequently if there are any concerns.


Any urgent needs may be addressed through the walk-in clinic or the emergency room, where you will be assessed by the doctor on call.  They will contact Drs. Quackenbush and Renwick if needed for further assessment.


4.  Where do I go when I feel I am in labour?


Unless you are given other instructions by the doctor, if you feel you are in labour, please present yourself to the emergency room at the Manitoulin Health Centre in Little Current.  You will be assessed there and if you are in active labour, you will then be admitted to the labour and delivery suite.


5.  Do you perform routine episiotomies?


Our delivering physicians do not perform routine episiotomies, as there is no evidence that this is beneficial for the patient.


6.  How long will I stay in the hospital after delivery?


Generally, the length of stay after a normal vaginal delivery is 24.  This will be discussed in detail with you during prenatal visits as well as after your delivery.


7.  When do I see the doctor with my new baby?


You will be given instructions for follow up when you are sent home from the hospital.  Generally, your new little one will need to be seen within 2-3 days of discharge.